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About us

Our business is in heavy industrial   electrical maintenance and instrumentation.  ​Industrial Maintenance, Instrumentation and Process Control Optimization.  

We have fully equipped trucks with specialty metering equipment to diagnose and troubleshoot any kind of process related issues. We are fully licensed and bonded to do new installs on any instrumentation or electrical equipment. 


Our company objectives are to gain the trust of the clients we work with by improving their operations and keep it by working hard to be available and reliable. 

Here's what we can do for you


With over 30 years of industrial maintenance experience we are able to deliver efficient and timely repairs as well as long term reliability.  


When it comes to measurement precision is vital to success . A small error in field measurement may cascade into the rest of your operation. 

Process Optimization

Streamlining any process will reduce waste and improve efficiency. Whether it is realized in consistent product quality or longevity. 

Do you need help with electrical maintenance?

Contact us – Our technicians are ready to help you solve any problem.

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